Die Boosted-App

The Boosted app works with 1st and 2nd generation boards, as well as Boosted Mini, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth. It is now available for both iOS and Android users. Get involved in the future of our Android app by joining our public beta program. Just download the app and leave your feedback here.

For 2nd generation boards, Boosted Mini, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth, the app and remote can be connected to the board at the same time. For 1st generation boards, you can connect either the app or remote to your board at once.

Why use the app? With the Boosted app you’ll get software updates for your board as soon as they’re released, which includes features like increasing top speed, board registration, and improving battery life. You can also check all kinds of stats about your board in a flash, like reading the odometer to see how far you just rode, or the estimated battery and range you have remaining. Enable notifications to let you know when your board is done charging. Plus, you can discover new spots to ride your board and find answers to your questions on the go. You can even name your board something awesome like Flying Carpet–we think that should be reason enough.




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