Extended Range Battery Offer (Ended April 27, 2017)

Through April 27, 2017, at 8:59am, if you order a board with a standard range battery you’ll have the option to add an extended range battery pack to your final order for $100 (a $399 value) when we collect your final balance. This is a one-time only offer and must be completed at checkout. If you reserved a standard range board and don’t want to purchase an additional extended range battery pack, no problem. Simply indicate that during the final purchase process. Once the reservation window closes, we will offer stand-alone standard range battery packs for $299 and extended range battery packs for $399.

Extended range batteries are scheduled for release in 2017. If you purchase a board with an extended range battery, we will ship your board with a standard range battery at your scheduled shipping time. We will then ship you an extended range battery pack starting in January 2018, when they are available. When your extended range battery pack is ready to ship, we will contact the customer of record (i.e. the original owner) via the email address associated with the final purchase to re-confirm shipping details. If you purchased a board from a third-party (e.g. eBay, from a friend, etc), we cannot transfer the credit automatically.

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