Changing Your Grip Tape

If your grip tape is missing large sections and is no longer providing adequate traction, it should be changed. If it is dirty, you can use a grip tape cleaner bar like Grip Gum, which can be purchased from any skate shop or retailer.


1st Gen

Our 1st generation boards have wires running under the grip tape, so special precaution is needed to change it without causing damage to the wiring. If you need your grip tape replaced, please ship your board back to us so our awesome service department can do it for you.


2nd/3rd Gen

With 2nd generation boards, the grip tape can be replaced without the risk of damaging any wiring. Changing the grip tape is the same as changing the grip tape on any other non-electric skateboard. Have at it!



If you prefer the Boosted branded grip tape, please email Parts and labor for this replacement service range from $65-75. Boosted branded grip tape can only be replaced in-house at this time. This service is not covered under warranty.

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