Recovering Your Battery (1st Generation Only)

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it might be because your battery pack naturally discharged too far:

  • The board won't turn on.
  • The board won't respond to the charger.
  • The board turns on but then displays a blinking pattern (red and green).
  • The board displays a blinking pattern when the charger is connected (red and green).

You can recover the battery yourself without having to send the board to us.

To start, you need to have the wheels spinning enough to give the board a small regenerative charge.

  • This can be done by kicking the board around for 15-20 min at about 10mph, or even by being creative and having someone pull you around with a bike.
  • We’ve even seen someone use a treadmill or a hand drill setup to get the wheels spinning for a while.

Whatever method you use, please use caution. Keep the board turned off when you try this, and then immediately plug it into the charger without turning on the board or remote.


Try checking the remote or the app to see if it’s actually gaining charge after 15 minutes on the charger again.

If after a couple attempts your board still doesn't charge normally, please read the following support article in regards to 1st Generation service.

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