1st Generation Battery Tips

Charging Issues with Port O-Ring

The battery pack charging port has an O-ring that sometimes causes issues. It can make plugging in the charger port more difficult or even cause the plug to back out and disconnect on its own. To fix this, try removing the O-ring with a wooden toothpick. The O-ring only functions as a seal against water when the port is connected, so it’s okay to remove it while charging.



Orange Charging Light

The power light on your battery pack may be orange when power is on or the battery is fully charged. We have a mixed batch of battery packs with either orange or green LEDs. We decided that there was not enough contrast between the red and the orange LED charging lights, so we made a change in the manufacturing process to include a green LED light instead. There is nothing wrong with your board if your light is orange.


Battery Charge Port Cover

If your battery charge port cover won’t stay in place, try wiping the plug cover with a little bit of vegetable oil and slightly twist the plug as you put it into place. This will often help with smoother insertion. The port itself is sealed very well and we've never seen any issues with dirt getting into the port and damaging anything, even if the port cover is hardly ever used.

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