Battery Charge Port Cover Issue

For 1st generation boards: If your battery charge port cover won’t stay in place, try wiping the plug cover with a little bit of vegetable oil and slightly twist the plug as you put it into place. This will often help with smoother insertion. The port itself is sealed very well and we've never seen any issues with dirt getting into the port and damaging anything, even if the port cover is hardly ever used.

For 2nd generation boards: We've found the best way for the charge port cover to stay put is to first make sure the center plug is firmly inserted, and then work your way around the outside, seating the outer lip.

We know that it’s annoying not to be able to use the port cover as intended and we will try to solve this in the future. No need to be concerned though, we’ve had boards ridden thousands of miles without the cap inserted and never had a problem.

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