Knowing how to footbrake is essential to riding safely. In an emergency situation, like if you drop your remote or encounter interference, the board reverts to an unpowered skateboard and you must be able to stop without using reverse braking. Please only ride at speeds and on hills where you would be comfortable without power and brakes.


How to footbrake:

  • Reposition your front foot to point forward and bend your knee.
  • Face straight ahead and put your back foot out to the side of the board, in line with the front foot.
  • Aim to touch the ground with your heel first; slowly apply pressure and roll your foot flat.
  • As you footbrake harder, don’t allow your foot to drift too far back or it will hit your rear wheel.


  • Start learning at slower speeds on flat, even pavement.
  • Practice getting up to speed, positioning your front foot and touching your heel down, then returning to your stance without braking to get used to balancing.
  • Be sure to put your foot far enough out to the side that you don’t catch it on the rear wheels. This is a common mistake that may cause you to fall.
  • Keep your weight evenly across the bottom of your foot. If you put too much weight forward on your toes, your foot will chatter and skip. Stay calm–quick and jittery movements will cause you to lose your balance.
  • Learn to footbrake in conjunction with the Boosted board’s brakes for faster-stopping power.

Watch a step-by-step video guide on foot braking tips

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