Adjusting the Belt Tension

You will occasionally need to tighten the belt tension on both the 1st and 2nd generation boards. If your board is making a loud sound on braking, this is a sign you need to tighten the belts.


1st Gen

To adjust the belt tension of the 1st generation board, use a 9/64″ allen wrench to loosen the two hex screws closest to the wheels on the encoder cap (opposite the motor, overlapping part of the rear wheel). Then gently re-tighten the screws. Be careful not to over-tighten these as the threads can be stripped when too much force is applied. The internal springs will automatically correctly tension the belts. See image here.


2nd Gen

To adjust the belt tension of the 2nd generation board, use a 3mm allen key to remove the two holding the motor cap on. Using the same 3mm allen, loosen the 4 motor screws exactly 1/2 turn from snug. Wrap your fingers around the motor and use your thumb to press against the wheel, pulling the motor away from it and putting tension on the belt. You should be pushing with a medium force, no need to go crazy.

While maintaining tension, tighten the two vertically aligned screws farthest from the motor first. Once they're tight, let go of the motor and tighten the two remaining screws closest to the wheel. Reinstall the motor cap and you're good to go.

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