Regenerative Braking and Conserving Battery Charge

Regenerative Braking

You can conserve battery power and increase your range just by using the regenerative braking feature of your Boosted board. You will likely generate the most return of energy while braking to slow down from higher speeds or braking down a steep incline. Braking from ~22 to ~5mph or walking pace will generate a greater return of power. Slowing the final 5mph to 0mph may actually start using energy again. Coasting or kick pushing the board helps to conserve energy, and can put charge back into the battery in small amounts as well.


Braking downhill on a full battery charge will cause the board to lose braking capabilities since the regenerative braking will cause the battery to overcharge. When this happens, the remote will warn you by beeping, and you’ll lose your braking power. Safely come to a stop before this happens. Start by riding uphill or on flatter ground to help drain the battery and prevent this from happening.

Tips for Conserving Battery Charge:

  • Ride in eco-mode for a better range than expert or pro mode.
  • Kick push to start and then slowly engage the motors, rather than accelerating from a full stop using only the motors.
  • When braking from high speeds, brake smoothly until you reach the speed of fast walking then footbrake to a stop.
  • Avoid riding up steep hills when possible.
  • Avoid riding into strong winds when possible.



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