Your First Few Rides

Riding a Boosted board is different from riding a regular skateboard, so please start off slowly even if you’re a skateboarding veteran. Find a large, empty parking lot to practice in. Don’t be in a hurry to graduate to the street; take your time and get comfortable with your balance and controls first.

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How the remote works:

To activate the motors, hold down the Engage Button. With the motors engaged, roll the throttle wheel forward for forwarding motion, slightly back for light braking, and all the way back to come to a quick stop and then move into reverse. Be sure to hold down the Engage Button at all times when riding or you’ll have a skateboard with no power or braking.

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How to stand:

We’ll refer to stances using skating terminology, left foot forward is “regular stance” and right foot forward is “goofy stance.” Choose the stance that you feel most comfortable in. 

Take a wide stance and bend from the knees to lower your center of gravity. Remember to lean slightly forward on acceleration, and slightly onto your back leg when braking. It’s also important to look where you want to go, not at the ground, just like you would when driving a car.  

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How to turn:

Turning is identical to turning with an unpowered skateboard. If you want to turn right, lean your weight so that the right side of the board is lowered toward the ground. This will feel like you’re putting all your weight onto your heels or your toes, depending on your stance. The same technique will turn you left. Remember to keep your head up and your eyes looking through the turn. By leaning slightly forward onto your front leg, you’ll improve your turning ability as well as mitigate the chances of you slipping off the back of the board.


When you’re ready to ride:

Start by practicing in a parking lot. Find a smooth location without traffic and practice stopping abruptly. Remember, people aren’t used to skateboards going this fast and may step out, pedal, or drive right in front of you.

Once you’ve mastered riding in open areas, you can try graduating to the streets with traffic. When you’re ready for more acceleration, press the multi-button on the remote three times and you’ll move into eco-mode and then three more presses for pro mode. Make sure that you have practiced all the skills you need before this point, especially unpowered stopping (aka foot braking), and kick pushing. You’re required to follow all the rules of the road that bicyclists follow, including riding in the bike lane. Remember, unlike cars, bikes, and pedestrians, you never have the inherent right of way. Always be ready to yield to others and please ride defensively!

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