Boosted Board Battery Packs

Turning the Battery On & Off

To turn the battery on/off, press and hold the Power button located on the battery pack until the light turns green/turns off.


Running the Battery Dead

There’s no need to worry about over discharging your battery from riding. We have designed the system to always stay within a safe operating range while in use. However, don’t store your battery for long periods of time while it is on a low charge. Lithium batteries naturally self-discharge and may suffer damage if left for long periods without a charge.


Battery Memory

Some types of batteries have a “memory” effect and need to be fully cycled on occasion to obtain maximum capacity. Boosted’s lithium batteries do not suffer from this issue. You can charge your battery for as long or as little as you like without damage.


Overall Life of the Battery

Boosted uses only premium lithium cells in its batteries. Riders can expect their battery to last years under daily use. To maximize battery longevity, never store a pack empty for long periods of time and follow all recommendations in the user manual. In colder months when you are not riding, we recommend regularly checking your battery life and fully charging it.


Properly Storing Your Battery

Before storing your battery for long periods of time (during the winter, for example), make sure that your battery is fully charged. Never store a battery on a low charge as it will likely fully discharge and may need to be serviced come spring.

All lithium batteries (including the ones in your mobile device) naturally self-discharge and may drain completely if left unattended over an extended period of time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check the battery state of charge periodically and top up as necessary. You won’t want to miss out on any riding once the weather gets warmer so show that battery some love. 

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