2nd Gen Board Reservation Referral Program (Ended July 21, 2016)

This referral program ended at 11:59pm on Thursday, July 21, 2016.


After you purchase a board, you’ll receive a referral link to send to as many friends as you like. Each friend will get $100 off the final purchase price of any board when they reserve with your link.

For each person who purchases a board and keeps it past the 30-day return period, you will receive a $100 Prepaid Visa® Reward. In order to receive any referral rewards, you must also purchase and keep a board through the 30-day return period. You can be rewarded for up to 15 of your referred purchases.

If your friend cancels their reservation, you won’t receive the Visa reward for referring that particular friend. Similarly, if your friend returns their board within the 30-day return window, you will not receive the Visa reward for referring that particular friend.

You have 6 months to redeem your Prepaid Visa® Reward for a Visa® Virtual Account at Tango. Once accessed, you’ll have 12 months to use it. The Prepaid Visa® Reward can be used at any location where Visa® Debit is accepted online or over the phone.

To check your reward balance, you can reach out to Tango directly at cs@tangocard.com or by phone at 1-877-55-TANGO (82646).

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