Extended Range Battery Pack

Extended Range Battery Warranty Coverage

The extended range battery comes with its own separate 6-month warranty. The warranty begins once you receive your battery pack. This warranty covers damage to the battery pack due to manufacturing defects. If you have a concern about your battery, please reach out to our service technicians here.


Contents of Your Extended Range Package

Your extended range battery pack comes equipped with a few tools and accessories to help get you riding including:

  • Set of battery connector tools (1)
    • You will need this to remove your standard range pack and install your extended range battery pack. These tools make removal easy and help ensure proper tightening of the battery connectors upon reinstallation.
  • Skate tool with ⅛” Allen wrench (1)
  • Battery screws (6)
  • Battery wing plates (2)
  • 4mm Allen wrench (1)
  • Printed Instructions (1)
  • Stickers (2)
  • Set of taller risers (1), truck mounting screws (4)
    • Taller risers are optional and can be used by riders who may like a little extra ground clearance. We recommend that riders over 175 lbs (79 kg) install these risers.


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