Ordering the Boosted Rev

US, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand:

Starting August 13, 2019, Boosted Rev is available for direct purchase through Boostedboards.com. 

International Customers: Full display price includes duty and tax charged separately. 


Payment Methods:

Acceptable payment methods for reservation include all major credit or debit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Boosted gift cards (options vary by country).

Additional payment methods will be available for the final balance payment.


Reservation holders:

You should have already received an email to collect the remaining balance due, minus the $100 reservation fee. The shipping quote is provided once the final payment is completed. If you have not received your final payment email, please reach out to orders@boostedboards.com.

Shipping costs will be calculated at the final checkout, based on zip code and country.

 The $100 reservation holds your spot in the shipping queue, which will be applied to your final balance payment.

We don’t save credit card information in our system and we will never charge you without your permission.


Due to stringent vehicle importing regulations governing this rapidly growing class of vehicles, we are configuring Boosted Rev as a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) with a top speed of up to 25 km/h using motor power. A secondary optional configuration will be made available through the Boosted app. This configuration has a top speed of up to 39 km/h, but it is only intended for off-road recreational use. Please be sure to read our disclaimer (*) before purchasing Boosted Rev or changing its configuration.

While the team at Boosted is making every effort to import Boosted Rev into Australia, we understand if you wish to cancel your reservation while we work through this issue. Please go ahead and request a cancellation here.

In addition, we are asking for your support in helping us educate regulators on why Boosted Rev is a safe, reliable, and efficient form of transportation. We would welcome any letters of support from you to help us petition import regulators. Please send your messages to community@boostedboards.com 

New Zealand
Shipping of Boosted Rev in the standard configuration continues to proceed until further notice. Please note that we will be updating Boosted Rev's configuration to match Australia's top speed of 25 km/h before the end of the year. From then on our New Zealand customers will be able to activate the standard configuration using the Boosted app. Please be sure to read our disclaimer (*) before purchasing Boosted Rev or changing its configuration.


(*) Boosted Rev has been principally designed for use on private roads, bike paths, and sidewalks at speeds that do not exceed 25 km/h. Before using Boosted Rev, you must check whether the local laws that govern the use of electric vehicles in your area permit your intended use of Boosted Rev. A secondary configuration is also available that enables Boosted Rev to be used for off-road recreation at higher speeds. You agree that the use of Boosted Rev configured in this way is restricted to recreational off-road use only, cannot be used on public roads and is subject to all applicable laws affecting its use. You agree that you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations when using Boosted Rev in either configuration. To the extent permissible under local applicable laws, and without affecting your consumer law rights in respect of the design and build of Boosted Rev itself, Boosted waives all liability for any loss or damage arising from, or in connection with, your use of your Boosted Rev.



For help placing a reservation please reach out to us at orders@boostedboards.com.

Have a question about Boosted Rev? Please reach out to community@boostedboards.com 

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